Introduction to The How of Business Podcast Show

Introduction to The How of Business Podcast Show

Welcome to this updated episode Zero (introduction to the podcast show) of The How of Business podcast, hosed by Henry Lopez.

Thanks to all of you who have been listening and supporting The How of Business podcast. And if you have just found my show, thanks for checking it out and I hope you get lots of value from listening. Since we started the podcast in 2016, we have focused on the HOW of small business – it’s been all about sharing information, knowledge, experiences, and resources to help you start, run and grow a profitable small business.

  • Who is this podcast show for?
    • Aspiring and existing small business owners and entrepreneurs.
    • If you are thinking about starting a business, this show is for you.
    • If you are actively working on launching a small business, this podcast show and the resources you can find on this website are for you.
    • If you are an existing small business owner or entrepreneur, and you are looking for tips and insights on how to grow, and perhaps eventually successfully exit your business, The How of Business is for you also!
  • What the podcast offers:
  • Why Henry Lopez started The How of Business:
    • Focus on helping small business owners.
    • Having read so many books about successful entrepreneurs, Henry struggled with translating what he read and learned about the unicorns (like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and their highly successful companies), into relatable and actionable information and education for very small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.
    • We are bombarded by the outliers or superstars of business – the overnight success stories – the instant billionaires – but the reality for most small businesses is that we start with limited resources and must bootstrap our growth.
    • Learn to enjoy the journey – not the arbitrary external idea of ultimate success.
    • The How of Business is about the HOW – actionable information to help you start, run and grow a successful and profitable small business.
  • Show Details:
    • Started podcast on April 2016
    • Host: Henry Lopez
    • Weekly episodes.
    • Show Notes page for every episode with summary of the show and links to any resources or tools mentioned during the episode.
    • Episodes are typically 45 to 60 minutes.
    • Two types of episodes: Interviews (majority) and Topics.
      • Interview: Other successful business owners, experts, or service providers.
    • Most of the content is evergreen, so we encourage you to listen to the back catalog.
    • Where to listen.
  • How to support the show:
    • Please Subscribe and Review to The How of Business wherever you listen to the show. Thanks for your support!
  • Feedback and ideas: Send message through website (Contact Us page) or enter comment on show notes page for this episode.

We wish you the best as you start, run and grow your small business!

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