Commercial Leasing EpisodesCommercial Leasing Episodes

The How of Business podcast episodes on Commercial Leasing for Small Business. Helping you find the right location and negotiate the best terms on a commercial space lease for your small business. Before you sign that commercial lease, listen to these valuable episodes:

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Episode 410: JP Humphrey - Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate with JP Humphrey. Commercial real estate for small business owners with JP Humphrey, a Commercial Real Estate Agent in the Dallas, Texas area. JP shares his career journey and his insights and tips on commercial real estate for small business owners. JP Humphrey is a commercial ...
Craig Melby
Commercial Lease Review with Craig Melby Review of a bad small business commercial lease with the late Craig Melby and Henry Lopez. Craig reviews a real example of one of Henry’s failed business locations, and what may have been negotiated more favorably in the commercial lease for the business ...
Craig Melby
 Negotiating Small Business Commercial Space Leases. Negotiating small business commercial space leases with the late Craig Melby. Craig was a small business owner and experienced commercial real estate investor and agent. He specialized in helping other small business owners find and negotiate the best commercial space agreement possible ...

Before you sign your lease for commercial space for your small business, be sure to listen to these episodes and educate yourself on the topic. We recommend that you engage your own Commercial Leasing Tenant Representative, a Commercial Real Estate Broker who represents you exclusively and not the landlord. It’s also imperative that you consult with a Real Estate Attorney before signing any lease agreement.

Many of the terms of a commercial lease agreement are negotiable, even for first-time small business owners. Terms such the personal guarantee, free rent, non-compete, anchor tenant provisions, deposits, extension options, and many others can be negotiated.

About Craig Melby: It is with great sadness that we share the news of of Craig Melby’s passing on April 30, 2019. Craig was a man of great integrity, and a wonderful business associate, and he will be missed by many. You can find his obituary here.