Social Selling on LinkedIn with Bill McCormick

Social Selling on LinkedIn for B2B connections with Bill McCormick. How to connect and build authentic relationships on LinkedIn.

Bill McCormick - LinkedIn Expert

If you are like most other B2B business owners, you are on LinkedIn. It has certainly become the dominate online platform for making B2B connections and networking. But as to how to effectively use the LinkedIn platform to sell our products & services – that is where it can get confusing and frustrated. You are probably bombarded daily with sales pitches from people you just connected with on LinkedIn – all of which you probably ignore! So how can we use LinkedIn effectively to help us grow our business? Bill McCormick shares his tips & techniques for what he calls “Social Selling through the power of LinkedIn.

Bill McCormick is the Chief Sales Officer, LinkedIn Sales Trainer and Social Selling Trainer at Social Sales Link – they help people convert connections to conversations through the power of LinkedIn.

Bill discovered the power of LinkedIn and social selling when he and his wife started their advertising specialty company. After successfully and consistently bringing on new clients by leveraging LinkedIn to build relationships and deliver value, he joined Social Sales Link as their Chief Sales Officer to teach others how to grow their businesses the way he grew theirs.

Bill lives in the Albany, New York area.

Social Selling on LinkedIn with Bill McCormack:

  • Social Selling is about building relationships, providing real value, and being a resource; the sales come when the time is right.” – Please introduce what you mean by Social Selling.
    • Social Selling involves engaging and providing real value and the sales opportunity will come eventually – not a “connect and pitch”.
  • How do I convert connections to conversations with LinkedIn?
  • What do you mean by conversations with authenticity? Would you please share an example?
  • What are some of the common mistakes business owners make on LinkedIn?
  • How do I transform my LinkedIn profile from a resume to a resource?
    • Your profile should not be about you. It’s not a resume. Transform your profile from a resume to a resource and make it about your ideal client.
    • An effective LinkedIn profile should:
      1. Resonate with your ideal client.
      2. Create curiosity.
      3. Teach your ideal client something new.
      4. Get your ideal client to think differently about their problem.
      5. Inspire them to ask for more.
  • What are some tips for leveraging LinkedIn for referrals?
  • How do I begin to convert my LinkedIn connections to conversations?
  • Who should be on LinkedIn?
  • What type of content should I be sharing on LinkedIn?
  • What’s the first thing I should do to improve my success on LinkedIn?

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