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Sales Strategies for Small Business with Ryan Dohrn.

Sales strategies for small business owners with sales and marketing advisor Ryan Dohrn.

Ryan Dohrn - Sales ExpertRyan shares his experiences and tips on how to improve your sales capabilities and skills, so that you can grow your small business. If your small business depends on any type of selling activities to get people to buy from you, then this episode is for you!

Ryan Dohrn is a 30-year global sales and marketing advisor to over 200 companies in 15 industries.  He holds a Psychology of Leadership Certification from Cornell, has trained over 30,000 salespeople and has been featured in USA Today, on CNN and, on  Ryan is a multiple best-selling business book author, Emmy winner, and his sales strategy ideas have impacted over half a billion dollars in sales.  He is a proud military Dad and has been married for 26-years. Ryan loves good coffee, 80’s rock music, and seeing others succeed.

His most recent book is “Selling Forward: Pandemic Tested Sales Strategies for Success.”

Ryan lives in Augusta, Georgia area.

Sales Strategies for Small Business with Ryan Dohrn:

  • Why led you to focus your career and businesses on sales and helping business owners improve their sales skills?
  • Why did you write “Selling Forward: Pandemic Tested Sales Strategies for Success” and who is it for?
    • Selling during times of economic uncertainty: What do we need to know now?
    • What is so different now than pre-pandemic when selling goods and services now?
  • 86% of buyers would rather go to the dentist than talk to a salesperson — any kind of salesperson.” Why is this the case?
  • “Over 70% of buyers are making decisions emotionally right now.” Why?
    • As a result, they want more story telling and less data.
  • You talk about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. How does that apply to sales and hosting meetings with prospective clients?
  • You suggest making sales a fine dining experience rather than a trip to a buffet. Can you please explain what you mean by that?
  • What do you mean by “Relationship Selling” and why do you believe it is not dead, it has just changed?
  • You mention personality profiling of prospective clients, what does that mean?
  • I understand you are not a fan of customer needs assessments. The CNA seems to be a vital part of every sales plan. Why do you not like the CNA? How is the RD Way different?
  • What are your thoughts and tips on sales opportunity follow-up? Any tips for follow-up methods and that are most effective?
    • Lots of salespeople talk about being ghosted after a productive sales call. Why is this happening and how can it be avoided?
  • What are you recommendation for Time Blocking to help improve sales results? (“You can increase your overall productivity in sales by 150% by setting time limits and time blocking your day.”)
  • How do you recommend we handle requests for pricing before we’ve had a chance to understand their needs, demonstrate what we can offer them, and establish value?
  • When and how to ask for the deal?
  • For small businesspeople and inspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling now with sales, what is your best advice?

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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