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The Conquering Creative with William Warren.

The Conquering Creative with William Warrenhow to build an unstoppable creative business. William is the Founder and CEO of The Sketch Effect, a Visual Communication company, and the author “The Conquering Creative – 9 Shifts to Build an Unstoppable Creative Business.”


“Are you a creative? Do you love to illustrate, animate, paint, draw, take photos, shoot videos, edit footage, design, build brands, make comics, render in 3-D, do motion media, sketch storyboards, make character art, sculpt, create concepts, make music, and more?” Are you challenged with all the “business stuff”? Then this podcast episode is for you!

William Warren is an illustrator, entrepreneur and author who has spent his career using visuals to help communicate ideas and tell stories. He is the Founder and CEO of The Sketch Effect, a Visual Communication company that helps make ideas understandable and actionable through animation, live event sketching and infographics. The Sketch Effect’s client list includes top-tier brands such as Marriott, Oracle, Chick-fil-A, and Delta in addition to premier consultancies including BCG, EY, and Accenture. The Sketch Effect has sketched for thought leaders such as Steve Wozniak, Brene Brown, Malala Yousafzai, Sheryl Sandberg, Andy Stanley, and many more.

William’s new book is “The Conquering Creative – 9 Shifts to Build an Unstoppable Creative Business.

William lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Conquering Creative with William Warren:

  • Please share the story from the book when you were in school and decided “I can’t do this!”
  • Why do so many creatives struggle with the business side of things?
  • Let’s discuss a few of the key concepts from the book:
    • My Art is My Passion” to “My Passion is My Product
      • Discover your business sweet spot…
      • Value Proposition
    • I Am More Than My Work” (dealing with rejection…)
      • Creative work is sometimes measured in subjective terms. How do you manage receiving criticism/feedback from clients?
    • “My Work Speaks for Itself” to “I Must Speak Up For My Work”
      • No Sales, No Business
      • The more people you know, the more opportunities you get.
      • A creative who can communicate is a creative who wins.
    • Find You Tribe, Find Your Team, Find Your People
    • Time is you Most Valuable Resource
    • Shift from I Wait for Inspiration to I Create Systems for Inspiration
  • Do you recommend I niche down or be a jack of all trades?
  • Please share some tips for lead generation and building value in creative services?
  • Why did you write the book, “The Conquering Creative”, and who is it for?
    • “This book exists for one reason: to help you overcome fear and build the amazing creative business or career you were meant to build.”

More about the book: The Conquering Creative

Creatives are naturally drawn to Creating…not analyzing sales strategies, reading P&Ls, filing forms, or building processes.

Any creative who longs to use their skills to make a living must acknowledge the hard truth that mastering your craft is not enough. They must also master the business of their craft.

The good news? It’s easier than you think.

In The Conquering Creative, William draws from the ups and downs of his decade-long adventure of leveraging creativity into a successful business. From capital to clients, pricing to purpose, William walks you through 9 critical “shifts” that you must make to level up from “Creative” to “Conquering Creative.”

1. “My art is my passion” ←→ “My passion is my product”
2. “Business is a necessary evil” ←→ “Business will unlock my dreams”
3. “I am my work” ←→ “I am more than my work”
4. “My work speaks for itself” ←→ “I must speak up for my work”
5. “I create as an artist” ←→ “I work as a professional”
6. “Quality is all that counts” ←→ “Everything counts”
7. “I wait for inspiration” ←→ “I create systems for inspiration”
8. “Go it alone” ←→ “Go with a team”
9. “Wing it” ←→ “Dream it”

This practical, fully-illustrated, delightfully readable book is a must for any creative who longs to dump that day job, continue their artistic endeavors after graduation, or scale that side hustle into a fulfilling, successful creative career.

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Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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