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Closing Intelligence with Oscar Subirats.

Closing Intelligence to help you increase sales close rates (starting at 17:56) with entrepreneur Oscar Subirats. Oscar shares his inspiring entrepreneur journey and how to improve your ability to close sales opportunities and get to yes so you can grow your small business.

Oscar Subirats - Entrepreneur

To succeed in sales, small business, and life, you must face human nature, real people, and overcome their many obstacles and objections. People with a Closing Intelligence mindset impact and change lives, including their own. They can get employees, clients, prospective buyers, and others in general, to say “Yes.” Oscar is with me today to share his knowledge of sales, and specifically his understanding of how to get people to say yes, for the right reasons.

Oscar Subirats is the President and CEO of College Prospects of America, a speaker, author and has been in direct sales for over twenty-plus years. Born in Mexico City, when Oscar was two years old he was blessed to have his father’s employer, a major oil corporation, transfer their family from Mexico to Texas, which set the foundation for his life.

Oscar graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Ragin’ Cajuns!), where he played Division 1 college tennis. After college, he moved to Mexico and started his first company. It was there, several years later, in a gym, that he met his future wife, Andrea, who was studying Spanish abroad.

Oscar exemplifies his fundamental belief that family, faith, joy, quality of life, and financial success can all be enjoyed without sacrificing one for the other. He has traveled to too many countries to name and has lived in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Florida. Today he lives in Colorado with Andrea, their daughter Mila, and two dogs, Mia and Lulu. He and Andrea have a passion for traveling, particularly to Europe, Hawaii, and Latin America.

He recently released his book “Closing Intelligence – How to get other to say yes in life and in business.”

You can also learn more at the Closing Intelligence website. Closing Intelligence is for salespeople, managers, decision-makers, small business owners, and anyone who must learn how to successfully persuade people. By becoming a better closer, you can sell, persuade, and achieve what you want in life and business.

Closing Intelligence with Oscar Subirats:

  • When did you know you wanted to be your own boss? Who were early entrepreneurial influences?
  • Please share the story of launching College Prospects of America.
  • Why are you a business owner? What does it provide you?
  • Why did you write the book, and ideally who is it for?
    • “I focus on closing a sale rather than writing about sales. This book is all about the essential moments of closing.”
    • “Every day, at some point, everyone is a salesperson.”
    • “Closing is a process, a structure, that gets someone to take action. A closer is someone who can get people to say Yes”.
    • “…at every level of every organization, if there is no “yes,” nothing happens. Yes moves the world.”
  • Please define what you mean by a Closer.
  • When and why did you develop your expert focus on sales on becoming a closer?
  • 9 Reasons Why Average Salespeople Underperform:
    • 2 – They don’t understand the No. 1 rule in sales: “people by things from people they like or from people who are like them…you have to understand how you are alike, discover what you have in common.”
    • 4 – They think value alone will make the sale: “…if you are not asking the right questions, you may be giving away so much value that the buyer won’t make a decision.”
  • Please introduce your Closing Structure:
  1. The Intent Statement – how closers state their objective from the start.
    1. Start with building rapport.
    2. An Intent Statement is a 30-second process.
  2. The 4 Whys – how closers ask the right questions to people’s hearts.
    1. Why do they need your help?
    2. Why your solution or industry?
    3. Why your product, service or company?
    4. Why today?
  3. The Benefits – people only care about what you offer if it’s important to them.
  4. Objections – how closers overcome excuses.
  5. The Closing Equations – How closers get to yes.
  • This episode is all about improving my closing intelligence to help me improve sales and grow my small business.

More about the book Closing Intelligence:

How To Get Others To Say Yes In Life And Business.
Whether you are in the sales pipeline of a large corporation, are in direct sales for a small business, or are a small business owner, whether you are in a short or a long sales cycle, there will be moments when you will have closing opportunities.

This book is all about closing. How you create the optimum chance of getting others to commit to your products, services, or ideas. And—whether it is a ten-minute conversation or a two-hour meeting—how you handle that moment.

Every day, at some point, everyone is a salesperson. The step-by-step approach I teach here will impact the lives of all of these “salespeople,” because by becoming a better closer, you will get others to say yes.

And at every level of every organization, if there is no “yes,” nothing happens.

“Yes” moves the world.

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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