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Growing a Small Business – from Chaos to Calm.

Growing a small business, from chaos to calm, with entrepreneur Mike McFall. Mike is back on the show to share insights from his experiences as a successful entrepreneur on how to grow a small business, from the common chaos to a calm business that is sustainable long-term. How to evolve from a bootstrapping entrepreneur, to leader and then to irrelevant.

Mike McFall - Entrepreneur

Mike McFall is the co-founder and co-CEO of BIGGBY® COFFEE, one of the fastest-growing coffee franchises in the United States. Despite not having an MBA or being a workaholic, McFall has built his career through hard work and real-world experience.

He prioritizes people and purpose over business jargon and fancy presentations, and his pragmatic solutions are forged from this philosophy. McFall understands that people are the most important ingredient to any successful enterprise, and he helps employers create a purpose-driven business that will transform the world and improve people’s lives.

McFall is the author of “Grind and his new book “Grow: Take Your Business from Chaos to Calm, the first two books in a three-book series, which offer practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to turn their business concepts into successful ventures.

He is also a Public Speaker, and teaches a class on entrepreneurialism at The University of Michigan Center of Entrepreneurship. In his free time, McFall plays and coaches hockey and has a Moonshot to one day own the Detroit Red Wings.

Mike lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • Why did you write “Grow: Take Your Business from Chaos to Calm” and who is it for?
    • “…transition from bootstrapping entrepreneur to effective leader.”
  • What do you mean by “calm”?
  • What are some of the common causes of “chaos” in a small business?
  • What are the keys to transitioning from chaos to calm?
  • How do you cultivate a work environment that encourages people to thrive?
    • …a nurturing, supportive, and loving environment.
  • Please explain why Trust and Integrity (“…the superpower for gaining trust.”) are so important.
    • How trust is the baseline for healthy relationships and relationships are everything.
    • Transparency and vulnerability (we don’t have to know it all).
  • Please share your insights on other skills, strategies, and behaviors required for entrepreneurs to become effective leaders.
  • The definition of a sustainable business: one in which the leader becomes irrelevant, and the business thrives. Do we want to become irrelevant?
  • How do we begin to Cultivate a Growth Mindset in our small business?
    • Due Diligence on You
    • Building a Better Workplace
    • Welcoming All Voices
    • Power of Learning and New Perspectives
    • Organizations of Tomorrow

More about the book “Grow: Take Your Business from Chaos to Calm”:

Become the leader your people need you to be.

The transition from bootstrapping entrepreneur to effective leader is arduous, and very few can make the transition. This is what Grow was written to do—assist in that transformation.

Grow, is focused on taking a business from the first day of cash flow to sustainability. It shows readers how to build their organization into one with:

  • an environment that expects people to thrive,
  • a leader who meets the organization where it needs to be met, and
  • trust as a baseline for all relationships.

The path set forth for readers in Grow will not only give business owners many options, but it will also put them in an incredibly strong position to cash out, if and when they decide to choose that option. This book was written to help readers reach the promised land of sustainability in their businesses.

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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