Formula for Business Success with Ken Bator

Kenneth C. Bator, entrepreneur, author and owner of Bator Training & Consulting, shares the Formula for Business Success. He also shares his journey from the corporate world to running his own business, and he introduces his formula for business success.

Kenneth Bator - Business Consultant

Ken had a successful corporate career, including a position as VP of Business Development & Marketing for a large company. For the past 15 years, he has been a Small Business Consultant, is an author, and most recently published “The Formula for Business Success = B + C + S”. This insightful book is a discussion of the need for brand, culture and strategy alignment.

His company, Bator Training & Consulting, which he established in 2001, provides services in the areas of brand concept, culture enhancement, and strategic planning. In other words, they help organizations create environments where employees actually want to come to work and customers want to keep coming back! They do that by creating your unique B + C + S Formula: Brand, Culture, and Strategy alignment.

Formula for Business Success with Ken Bator:

  • Ken started his corporate career in banking and financial services.
  • Getting fired from his last job inspired him to become his own boss.
  • He explains why the customer experience is more important than the product or service for a small business. Customer service is only part of the overall experience.
  • Ken introduces his Formula for Business Success: B+C+S. The B is for Brand, the C is for Culture, and the S is for Strategy.
  • He shares tips & advice for small business owner on how to get started with applying this formula to their own businesses.
  • Ken also explains the importance of the environment in achieving success with a small business.
  • Ken shares his tips & advice for dealing with customer complaints and bad online reviews.
  • Ken regularly produces new content in the areas of Branding, Culture building, and Strategy for small business owners. Each edition of the video show, podcast, and blog covers one or more aspects of the B+C+S Formula.
  • What’s the image you want to portray to the public, what’s the experience you want to create through and for your employees, how can you drive more of the right business to your small business? These are the questions that the Formula for Business Success helps to answer.
  • Culture is much more valuable than brand.
  • Ken offers a FREE initial 30-minutes consultation.


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