Social Media Marketing for Small Business with Diana Mitchell

Social Media Marketing for Small Business with Diana Mitchell

Social Media Marketing for Small Business with Diana Mitchell. She shares her entrepreneurial journey and social media insights, examples, tips and advice.

Diana MitchellDiana is a Social Media Consultant who helps businesses succeed by focusing on the essentials. Those items you MUST do well to succeed. She’s worked with a variety of businesses, from global companies to neighborhood shops.

Her company, Simplified Social, helps business owners, executives and sales professionals maximize social media by focusing on the essentials.

In addition to Social Media Consultant, she is also a digital marketing manager, trainer and speaker who helps brands and professionals get real results. Over her 15-year marketing career, she has worked with B2B organizations of every size, from small businesses to global brands.

She lives in Buffalo, New York with her husband, stepson and two cats. Her favorite theme park is Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business with Diana Mitchell:

  • A significant loss in her life was the spark that led her to start her own business.
  • She believes that understanding people is at the foundation of being successful
  • Diana explains why alignment between your marketing strategy and growth goals for your small business is essential to success.
  • She introduces and explains the essentials of social media for small business. These are the “must do” items you must do well to succeed.
  • “Don’t say what you want to say. Say what people want and need to hear.” As it relates to your social media content.
  • We discuss the Facebook platform in particular, and discuss various tactics and examples of how to use this social media platform effectively.
  • Diana introduces the “Top Ten Essentials for Mastering Content.”
  • She also shares some practical examples of how small business can use social media and content marketing effectively.
  • A couple of key mentors have been instrumental to her success in life and business.
  • Download her FREE “Top 10 Social Media Essentials” document.


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