Product Marketing with Chris Deardorff

Product Marketing with Chris Deardorff, business owner and product marketing expert. He shares product marketing advice for small business, and his tips & advice for business and personal success.

Chris DeardorffChris is the President and Founder of Market Compass, helping small businesses grow through optimizing their product marketing. Product Marketing is marketing specifically focused on product vs corporate marketing or branding. His company specifically helps businesses in the areas of outside CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and Marketing Manager services .

Chris developed his marketing expertise while working for various large corporations. Chris has an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado – Boulder, and he currently lives between Boulder and Denver in Louisville, CO.

Product Marketing with Chris Deardorff:

  • Chris has a career in the corporate world before starting his own business. He felt like his “horsepower” was being limited in the corporate world.
  • How do you define Product Marketing, and how is it different from other types of marketing?
  • Why do small business owners and entrepreneurs need to understand Product Marketing?
  • What are some of the key takeaways from large companies and how they do product marketing, that small business owners can apply?
  • Product Marketing is creating a compelling reason for why a customer should by your product or solution.
  • He shares tips & advice for small business owners on effective product positioning and messaging.
  • Chris also shares his experiences with starting his small business and landing new clients.
  • Does your company have a positioning & marketing framework readily accessible and shared with all internal stakeholders?
  • Are you giving your customers a compelling reason to buy your product?
  • Chris shares some tremendous insights into the keys to his success in life and business.


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