David Fisher Interview – Hyper-Connected Selling 

In this episode we interview David Fisher, an entrepreneur, speaker, business coach, and author. David shares his background and journey, and his advice on using hyper-connected selling to grow your small business.

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David Fisher

David is a speaker, coach, and best-selling author of “Networking in the 21st Century: Why Your Network Sucks and What to Do About It” and the recently released “Hyper-Connected Selling“. Building on 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and sales professional, he combines strategy and real-world tactics to help professionals become more effective, efficient, and happy. He helps entrepreneurs understand the new landscape of Hyper-Connected Selling, where social media, networking, and old-school sales and communication skills are the key to building personal influence and creating human connections.

David is the president of RockStar Consulting. He started RockStar to support people with their personal and professional development.


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