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Brain McRae Interview – Radically Referable


Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Brian McRae, a speaker, trainer and coach. He shares his personal journey and how he has built his business by being radically referable.

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Brian McRaeBrian is a speaker, trainer, and coach who helps individuals uncover their full potential. For almost two decades, Brian has built a successful referral-driven practice in the mortgage industry and is using what he has learned to help others experience success. Passionate about professional growth and personal development, Brian helps professional service providers across the country build better businesses through events, workshops, and coaching offerings.

In 2011 he founded Mastermind St. Louis, a premier shared learning and networking event that helps small business owners and commissioned sales professionals with green networking strategies, personal leadership, and productivity. He loves sharing what he has learned and is passionate about helping others build their own Radically Referable Business.

Brian lives in the St. Louis area.


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