Legally Protect Your Small Business with Scott Reib

Legally protect your small business (7:37) with Scott Reib, an attorney, popular speaker, coach and the author of “5 Proven Strategies to Shatterproof Your Business.” Scott shares why he decided to study law, his small business experiences, and growing his practice to his currently leveraged model. He also shares practical tips & advice on how we can legally protect our small business (starting at 7:37).

[LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Henry Lopez is not an attorney, and Scott Reib may not be your attorney. Please be sure to seek your own legal guidance from your attorney before taking action on anything shared in this episode. Read our full Disclaimer.]

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Scott Reib

Scott is an attorney, popular speaker, coach and author of the book, “5 Proven Strategies to Shatterproof Your Business”. Scott is known as America’s Legal Coach. He’s the official Zig Ziglar Small Business Lawyer, a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, and he has over 20 years of experience as an attorney. For the last two decades, Scott has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers to “shatterproof” their businesses and succeed in the professional world.

Scott is a firm believer that seeking legal advice doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive if we treat lawyers like primary care doctors instead of ER doctors. Through his subscription-based Access Plan legal service, Scott is making great strides in shifting that perspective.

Scott lives in Denton, Texas.

Topics addressed in this episode of The How of Business podcast include:

  • Why should we treat lawyers like primary care providers instead of ER doctors? What does this mean?
  • Please share 1 or 2 of the key strategies that can shatterproof a small business?
  • What’s one common legal mistakes that small business owners make, and how can they avoid it? Also, for coaches and consultants…
  • The art of documenting the deal: it’s about keeping honest people honest. Please share a couple of examples…(Doesn’t always have to be written by an attorney? Something in writing is better than nothing…)
  • What are some of the questions I can ask myself to help eliminate signer’s remorse?
  • Why not operate as a Sole Proprietor, and do legal entities really protect us from liability assuming we operate it correctly?
  • Why should I not create my own entity, particularly if I have no partners in my small business?
  • What tips can you share to help us find the right small business lawyer for our small business?


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