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These episodes of The How of Business podcast are related to the legal aspects of small business, including legal entities, asset protection, liability protection, partnership and operating agreements and other legal topics.

[LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please be sure to seek your own legal guidance from your attorney before taking action on anything shared in these episode. Please read our full Disclaimer.]

Episode 431: David Siegel - Avoiding Partnership Disputes
Avoiding Partnership Disputes with David Siegel. Avoiding the Partnership or Founder Disputes that can ruin your small business with attorney David Siegel. David Siegel is an attorney and partner at Grellas Shah, LLC. Grellas Shah is a full-service boutique law firm, with a focus on startups, technology, and venture law, ...
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Episode 427: Christy Foley - Conflict Resolution
 Conflict Resolution with Christy Foley Conflict Resolution strategies and tactics for small business owners with attorney Christy Foley. As a business owner we often must deal with conflicts of different types, intensity, and significance. On this episodes, Christy Foley shares some valuable insights on how we may be able ...
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Episode 366: Sharon Winsmith - Tax Structuring
 Tax Structuring for Wealth Building with Sharon Winsmith Tax Structuring and planning for Wealth Building for small business owners and entrepreneurs with Sharon Winsmith. Sharon Winsmith is an experienced tax attorney and the founder and owner of Winsmith Tax – helping her clients develop sustainable tax strategies for building ...
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Episode 429: Erin Austin - Transform Your Expertise-Based Business
 Transform Your Expertise-Based Business with Erin Austin How to transform your expertise-based small business with attorney Erin Austin. Erin shares how she helps her clients transform an expertise-based or service business – including consultants, coaches, designers, creative services firms, and other B2B professionals – from an unscalable, income-focused business ...
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Episode 319: Jodi Daniels - Privacy Laws
 Privacy Laws for Small Business Owners with Jodi Daniels Privacy Laws for Small Business Owners with Jodi Daniels – an introduction to the laws that apply to customer information and data privacy. Are we aware and compliant with all of the privacy laws that we are responsible for as ...
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Christina Scalera
 Legal Protection for Your Small Business with Christina Scalera How to legally protect your small business with Christina Scalera, an attorney and small business owner who fully enjoys the freedom of location. She is the founder of The Contract Shop, and on this episode she shares her experiences – ...
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Episode 312: Andrea Sager - Trademarks & Copyrights
 Trademarks & Copyrights for Small Business with Andrea Sager How to use Trademarks and Copyrights to protect your small business and intellectual property with attorney Andrea Sager. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Henry Lopez is not an attorney, and Andrea Sager may not be your attorney. Please be sure to seek your ...
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Episode 286: Russ Krajec - Patents
 Patents for Start-Up Businesses with Patent Attorney Russ Krajec Patents for Start-Up Businesses with Patent Attorney Russ Krajec. Russ shares his entrepreneur journey and insights on patents for small business owners. NOTE: Please be sure to seek the advice of your own patent attorney before making any decisions or ...
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Episode 268: Mark Balsom - Asset Protection
 Small Business Asset Protection with Mark Balsom Asset Protection for your small business, with attorney Mark Balsom. Mark explains various aspects of an effective comprehensive asset protection plan for your business and your personal assets. [Learn more about Mark] NOTE: The information shared in this episodes is shared as ...
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Scott Reib
 Legally Protect Your Small Business with Scott Reib Legally protect your small business (7:37) with Scott Reib, an attorney, popular speaker, coach and the author of “5 Proven Strategies to Shatterproof Your Business.” Scott shares why he decided to study law, his small business experiences, and growing his practice to ...
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Episode 088: Lin Eleoff - Small Business Law
Small Business Law with Lin Eleoff Small Business Law with Lin Eleoff, an entrepreneur, internet business attorney, life coach and author. Lin shares her entrepreneurial journey, and valuable internet legal guidance for small business owners. [Notice: Lin offers general legal opinions on this episode, but she does not represent you individually, and ...
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Shawn McBride
Avoiding Small Business Blunders with R. Shawn McBride. How to avoid common small business blunders with attorney, CPA, author, speaker and small business owner R. Shawn McBride. Shawn shares his entrepreneurial journey, from attorney and CPA, to starting his own firm and writing several books for small business owners. Avoiding ...
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