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Small Business Employment Episodes

Small Business Employment and Human Resources Episodes of The How of Business Podcast, to help you attract, screen, hire, train, retain and terminate employees.

These episodes of The How of Business podcast are on the topic of  Managing Employee, including Hiring, On-Boarding, Training, Leadership, Management, and Firing of the employees at your small business.

Employee Background Checks
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Small Business Employment Episodes of The How of Business Podcast:

Episode 467: Travis Reiter - Employee Background Checks

Employee Background Checks with Travis Reiter.  Employee background checks with Travis Reiter, to help you screen and hire the right employees for your small business (starting at 14:40). [DISCLAIMER: You should seek your own legal counsel before implementing any of the practices or actions discussed on this episode, ...
The How of Business

Employee Performance Management. Employee Performance Management for small business owners with Henry Lopez and David Begin. David and Henry share their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and tools to help you with Employee Performance Management for your small business. Free tools downloads mentioned on this episode:
Episode 449: Matt Tenney - Employee Retention
 Employee Retention with Matt Tenney. Employee retention for small business owners with Matt Tenney. Matt shares his experiences and insights from his journey to becoming a leader and helping others become small business leaders, and how leadership can help you retain the best employees for your small business ...
The How of Business
 Variable Compensation Plans for Small Business. How to create and use Variable Compensation Plans, which include a base wage and a variable performance-based commission or bonus, to motivate and reward employees and help you grow your small business. FREE DOWNLOAD: Sample Variable Compensation Plan  Variable Compensation Plans can ...
Episode 437: Andrea Hoffer - Hire Higher
 Hire Higher with Andrea Hoffer. Hire Higher – how to attract, interview, and grow your small business dream team with entrepreneur Andrea Hoffer. Andrea shares her experiences and expertise on the topic of Hiring. She shares her proven strategies and a proactive approach to hiring, so you can ...
Episode 418: Kurt Wilkin - Hire Better
Hire Better to Grow Your Small Business with Kurt Wilkin. How to hire better to grow your small business with Kurt Wilkin. Kurt also shares his entrepreneur journey, and insights and tips on how to Hire Better to help us launch, run and grow a small business. Kurt Wilkin ...
The How of Business
Managing Hourly Employees. Managing Hourly-Wage Employees – how to effectively manage and lead hourly or minimum wage employees. This can be a challenge for those of us who transition from a corporate or professional environment and are faced with hiring and managing hourly-wage employees. On this episode, David Begin ...
Laura Tolhoek - Small Business Owner
Employee Development Program for Small Business with Laura Tolhoek. How to coach and develop your small business employees (starting at 18:52) with HR specialist Laura Tolhoek. She also shares her entrepreneur journey. Laura Tolhoek is an experienced Human Resources professional and the owner of Essential HR – Essential HR ...
Episode 285: Walt Brown - Developing Great Team Players
Developing great Team Players for your Small Business with Walt Brown. Developing great Team Players for your Small Business with Walt Brown. He is the author of “The Patient Organization” and the textbook for the 7 Question 7 Promise Framework. Walt shares his entrepreneurial story, and how he helps ...
The How of Business
How to fire an employee in your small business the right way. How to fire an employee in your small business the right way. How to fire an employee in your small business the right way with Henry Lopez. Henry shares a recommended process and approach for firing or ...
Lisa Ryan
 Employee Retention for Small Business. Employee retention for small Business with Lisa Ryan, an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and the founder of Grategy. Lisa shares her story and experiences with transitioning from a successful corporate and sales career to starting her own consulting business. She also shares valuable insights ...
Episode 256: Ryan Naylor - Employment Branding
 Ryan Naylor – Attracting great employees with Employment Branding. Attracting great employees with Employment Branding and Culture Marketing, with Ryan Naylor. Ryan is an entrepreneur and the founder of VIVA HR. They provide a platform to help businesses recruit more efficiently by telling the right hiring story. Ryan ...
The How of Business
? Hiring Remarkable Employees for Your Small Business. FREE DOWNLOAD: Sample Job Description & Posting Hiring Remarkable Employees for Your Small Business Part 1: Henry Lopez and David Begin discuss their process, tips, techniques and best practices for hiring remarkable employees for your small business. This topic will ...
The How of Business
 Hiring Remarkable Employees – Part 2. Hiring Remarkable Employees: Henry Lopez and David Begin discuss process, tips, techniques and best practices for hiring remarkable employees for your small business. This is part 2 on this topic. This episode focuses on assessment tools to help you screen employment candidates and ...
Episode 263: Chris Tuff - Millennial Whisperer
 Motivating & Leading Millennial Employees with Chris Tuff. Motivating & leading Millennial employees in your small business, with Chris Tuff. Chris is an entrepreneur and author of “The Millennial Whisperer: The Practical, Profit-Focused Playbook for Working With and Motivating the World’s Largest Generation”. Chris shares his experience, insights ...
Kathy Knowles
Hire Right the First Time. Hire Right the First Time with Kathy Knowles, an entrepreneur and founder of Intuitive Strategies, a unique Human Resource Consulting Firm that helps service-based businesses and non-profits build empowering teams and drive home results. She shares her journey, from Interior Design to transitioning into Human ...
Episode 453: Debra Corey - Employee Recognition
Employee Recognition with Debra Corey.  How effective employee recognition helps you develop your team and your small business with Debra Corey (starting at 8:35). Debra is an award-winning HR Leader and author who shares her experiences and advice on how to improve employee recognition which results in improved employee ...
Episode 475: Tiffani Bova - Experience Mindset

The Experience Mindset. How to develop an Experience Mindset, which considers both the customer and the employee experience, to grow our business with Tiffani Bova. The fastest way to get customers to love your brand is to get employees to love their jobs. Tiffani Bova is the global ...

The Employee Lifecycle:

The Employee Lifecycle in small businesses can be broken down into the following stages:

  • Job Posting: The process begins with the company posting a job vacancy.
    Related Resource: Episode 29: Hiring Remarkable Employees Pt.1
  • Application: Candidates apply for the job by completing an application for employment or responding to an online job posting.
    Related Resource: Episode 29: Hiring Remarkable Employees Pt.1
  • Initial Screening: Applications are screened to identify qualified candidates to be considered for interviews.
    Related Resource: Episode 418: Hire Better with Kurt Wilkin
  • Interview: Qualified employment candidates are interviewed. There may be multiple rounds of interviews, including phone interviews, in-person interviews, group interviews, and trial presentations.
    Related Resource: Episode 31: Hiring Remarkable Employees Pt.2
  • Background & Reference Checks: Finalist may be further screened including conducting a background check and checking personal and professional references.
    Related Resource: Episode 467 – Employee Background Checks
  • Job Offer: Successful employment candidates receive a job offer from your small business.
  • Onboarding & Training: New hires go through an onboarding process and initial and on-going employee training.
  • Performance Review: Regular formal employee performance reviews and on-going coaching.
    Related Resource: Episode 476 – Employee Performance Management
  • Separation: The employee’s employment with your small business is ended, either voluntarily or involuntarily.
    Related Resource: Episode 272: Firing an Employee

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