Employee Retention for Small Business with Lisa Ryan

Employee retention for small Business with Lisa Ryan, an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and the founder of Grategy. Lisa shares her story and experiences with transitioning from a successful corporate and sales career to starting her own consulting business. She also shares valuable insights to help us improve Employee Retention and Engagement in our small businesses.

Lisa Ryan

Lisa is a keynote speaker, author, and internationally recognized authority on gratitude and the founder of Grategy. She specializes in teaching organizations, teams, and individuals how to improve five areas – recruitment, retention, engagement, recognition and rewards in the workplace by creating a culture of appreciation.

Ultimately, it is undeniable that employee expectations in the workplace have dramatically changed in recent years. Rewarding employees by treating them to meaningful incentives and gifts is therefore a unique way to drive productivity. You can learn more about the importance of employee rewards by heading to the Blueboard website.

Through her keynotes, seminars and workshops, Lisa energizes individuals and organizations who want to retain their best employees by fully engaging them in the business and recognizing their efforts. These efforts keep their top talent today from becoming someone else’s top talent tomorrow.

Drawing from twenty-plus years in sales marketing and training, she makes it engaging and fun, with easy to implement instructions.

Lisa is the author of eight books including “The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude,” “From Afraid to Speak to Paid to Speak,” and “With Excellence.” She also co-stared in two award-winning films, “The Keeper of the Keys” and “The Gratitude Experiment”.


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