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Personal Productivity Tips & Hacks.

Personal Productivity Tips & Hacks with Henry Lopez, to help you start, run and grow your successful small business.

Systems & tools to stay organized and productive as a small business owner. Henry shares his thoughts and tips on personal productivity, including the systems and tools he uses to stay organized and on task. To achieve success as an entrepreneur, you must stay organized and highly productive. The key is to find the tools and systems that work for you, and then use them consistently. Then evolve your system for organization over time to continue improving your personal productivity.

Personal Productivity Tips & Hacks:

  • Be Organized.
  • Have a personal organization and time management system.
  • Use the right productivity tools.
  • Be consistent with applying your time management and productivity tools and systems.
  • My productivity and time management tools include:
    • Microsoft Outlook – for email and calendar (both personal and business)
    • Calendly – For appointment scheduling.
    • Journal – I prefer a physical journal with lined paper for notes and to-do lists.
    • Apple iPad Tablet – for digital note taking.

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