Personal Productivity Hacks with Entrepreneur Chris Bello

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Personal Productivity Hacks with Entrepreneur Chris Bello

Personal Productivity Hacks to improve your life and your small business with Chris Bello. Chris Bello, host of the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast, shares his personal entrepreneurial journey and his top 5 Productivity Hacks (starting at 9:27). Get his free download today:

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Chris Bello - Entrepreneur

Chris Bello is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, podcaster, dreamer, but most importantly, he is a doer. Chris is the host of Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast. Like many entrepreneurial stories go, he went the traditional route of getting a college degree and landing a “good corporate job.” A few years in, Chris realized that he wanted more out of his life. He wanted financial freedom, but more importantly, he wanted TIME freedom.

He put in his two weeks and booked a month-long trip to Asia to figure things out. After returning and going through one side-hustle failure to the next, Chris hit a stride with real estate investing, where he has been consistently closing deals with 5 figure profit margins monthly. Real estate investors will have to know answers to questions like “what is a good cap rate for rental property?” if they hope to make a good return on their real estate investments.

In his free time, Chris enjoys exercising, podcasting, and traveling. He is a strong believer of “experiences over things” and strives to live life to the fullest every single day. A testament to this lifestyle is the fact that he is both skydive and scuba certified.

Chris lives in Houston, Texas.

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