Government Contracting & MWBE with Jean Kristensen

Landing Government Contracts and the benefits of MWBE certification for small businesses with Jean Kristensen. Jean is a small business and MWBE (Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise) growth specialist, executive coach, and trainer.  She shares her early experiences, including working in her parent’s business, and how and why she developed her expertise and focus on government contracts. Jean explains the benefits of government contracting for small business owners, how to secure your first contract, and then we also chat about (31:25) MWBE certification.

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Jean Kristensen - Government Contracting

Jean Kristensen is a small business and MWBE (Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise) growth specialist, executive coach, and trainer. In 2007 she launched Jean Kristensen Associates (KJA) – they teach minority & women-owned businesses how to increase revenue through government contracting, MWBE certification, and innovative business strategies.

Jean’s signature program, MWBE Success, a toolbox series of workshops, trainings and one-on-one coaching has been procured by several nonprofit and government agencies. Her work in the small business and MWBE community has been recognized by numerous organizations, and in 2016 Jean was named as one of the “Top Women to Watch in Real Estate” due to her recent development work with female entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

Jean lives in New York City.

Government Contracting & MWBE conversation with Jean Kristensen:

  • Why should we seek government contracts? What’s the benefit or upside for me and my small business?
  • What are some of the common myths about government contracts and working with the government as a small business?
  • Why is working with the government nowhere near as unattainable as it may seem?
  • What are some of the barriers to securing a government contract?
  • What are the costs involved, up-front and on-going?
  • How can a small business identify opportunities with the government? Where should they start?
  • How does a businesses navigate the government contracting space?
  • What makes small firms, particularly those that are owned by women, minorities, and veterans, especially well-suited for government contracts?
  • How can those seeking a government contract market themselves to do so?
  • What are some of the unique challenges that women & minority owned businesses face today?
  • How can a minority, woman, or veteran small business owner get certified?


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