Facebook Ads Essentials with Adam Kirk & Henry Lopez

Facebook Ads Essentials with Adam Kirk & Henry Lopez.

Facebook advertisement essentials for small business owners, with Henry Lopez and Adam Kirk. Before spending lots of money advertising on Facebook, Henry and Adam share five things to consider to get the best results. The five things to consider are: 1) Who is your target customer or avatar? 2) Understand Cold, Warm and Hot traffic or audiences, 3) Use Lead Magnets, 4) Start small, test and measure, 5) Learn and get help from an expert. Henry’s co-host for this episode is Adam Kirk, the founder of Oostas. Oostas focuses on helping small business owners with website development, social media management, and SEO.

In this episode of The How of Business podcast, we provide an introduction to Facebook Advertisement including the 5 Things to Consider Before You Start Spending Money on Facebook Ads:

  1. Is your small business target customer (your avatar, your ideal client, etc.) on Facebook? If they are over 35, and particularly if they are female and have a family, they are probably on Facebook. This means you must first have a clear idea of your target customer or ideal client.
  2. Understand the difference between Cold, Warm and Hot audiences, and what each type of audience is looking for and will respond to. This in turn helps you determine the most effective call-to-action or lead magnet. With Facebook Ads, we are typically reaching a Cold or Warm audience.
    1. Cold – They don’t know you or your product or service. They need to get to know you and your small business more first – use a lead magnet for this audience.
    2. Warm – They know who you are, but have not bought from your business before. Use your list, re target your site visitors, etc.)
    3. Hot – Have bought from you before – they are likely ready to buy more from your small business.
  3. What is a Lead Magnet, and how to create and use them in the Facebook ads. Lead Magnets can include:
    1. A download, a video, a quiz
    2. You can re-purpose content you created previously
  4. Start small, and test and measure!
    1. Track conversions, and use the Facebook Pixel to help you do so.
    2. Start with a $10 daily budget for your Campaign.
    3. Use “A-B” testing. Test different images and videos in your ads for your small business.
  5. Learn as much as you can, and get help if you are not an expert. Get the help of a small business coach or mentor.


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