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The How of Business Podcast Show Recap with Henry Lopez.

The How of Business Podcast Show Recap with Henry Lopez. Henry commemorates the 300th episode of the podcast including highlights and resources.

Henry Lopez started his small business ownership journey back in 1991, when he bought an existing franchise small business with a business partner. Henry kept his well-paying corporate sales job throughout the nineties while he grew that business two three locations – as a side hustle!

Since then, Henry has been a part of over ten different small businesses, including buying, selling and starting businesses from scratch.

Over the past 5 years he has also been helping other people with starting their first small business, and operating and growing their existing business, to help them achieve their dreams of becoming their own boss and enjoying the freedoms that business ownership can provide.

Henry Lopez launched the How of Business podcast, along with his co-host David Begin, in April of 2016. This is now our 300th episode, and they release at least one episode every week, on Monday mornings, except for the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Most episodes of The How of Business podcast include an expert guest – someone who has either built a successful small business themselves or has a product or service that small business owners can use. Henry will also sometimes release topic episodes like this one.

The format of the interview episodes usually includes the guest sharing their entrepreneurial journey – how they got to where they are today – and then they typically do a deeper dive on a specific topic.

As of the release of this episode, The How of Business podcast is now just shy of 1 million total downloads since launching the podcast in 2016! And in January the podcast hit an all-time high with almost 48,000 unique downloads. We want to thank all of you who are listening for your support!

The How of Business now has a back-catalog of 300 episodes for you to listen to free and on-demand! These episodes cover a wide range of topics to help you start, run and grow your small business and you can find all episodes on the Archives page .

Some of the most popular episodes of The How of Business include:
• Ready to Start Your Business – Henry has released a series of episodes on this topic, including most recently episodes 296 – Are You Willing, and 292 – Are You Ready.
262 – Productivity Hacks with Chris Bello
218 – Social Media Basics with Adam Kirk at Oostas, one of our preferred service providers.
Franchising Episodes – see the Franchising link on the Archives page.

The How of Business website (this website) includes many free resources to help you start, run and grow your small business, including:
Free Downloads – A couple of the most popular include: Memo of Understanding for Partnerships, and Starting Your Business Are You Ready

Recommended Books – Find the books most recommended by guests of The How of Business podcast. Here are the latest top 4 most recommended books:

Show Service Partners: Henry Lopez and The How of Business have partnered with select service providers who share the same focus of helping small business owners. Here are some of our preferred partners:L

On-Line Course:
Starting Your Small Business – Are You Ready?
Henry Lopez recently released an online self-paced course: Starting Your Business – Are You Ready? He just recently made this course available on the Udemy online learning site.
This course will help you clearly understand if you are in fact ready. And if you are not quite ready now, what do you need to do to get there. Perhaps you need help understanding and overcoming your fears. Maybe you are not entirely sure about what it really takes to be ready, willing and able to become your own boss. Henry’s on-line program is about helping you take the first critical steps toward realizing your dreams of becoming your own boss.
Henry will take you step-by-step through a process that will help you determine if you are in fact ready to be your own boss, and specifically identify what you need to do next. You will end up with a clear plan and roadmap to get you ready to launch your first small business.

From the start, our focus has been on sharing information to help you start, run and grow a small business. We’ve been fortunate to have had amazing guests on our show who have shared their experiences and wisdom. There are lots of business podcast for you to choose from these days, and we are glad we are one of them! Thanks to all of you – our listeners, and our guests, our sponsors, our audio production assistants Aubrey and Tiffani, and everybody else who has been a part of helping us produce this show every week.

Over the course of 300 episodes, there are definitely a few common threads which have emerged. To summarize it, successful business ownership is in part about these things:

  • Determining if you are really ready? Including, perhaps most importantly, are you ready to overcome the fear of failure.
  • Then once you have launched your business, it’s about diligently developing, implementing and executing the systems that allow you to work “on” versus “in” your business. This is what the E-Myth book is all about!
  • And related to all of this is – JUST DO IT!

Henry is a serial entrepreneur and business coach with over 35 years of diverse business experience, including successful careers in information technology, sales, sales training, real estate, and business ownership.

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The How of Business podcast is focused on helping you start, run a grow your small business. You can find all previous episodes of The How of Business podcast on the Archives page.

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