From Idea to Product with Entrepreneur Jonathan Katz

From Idea to Product. How Jonathan Katz developed the idea for a cordless personal blender called the BLENDi. Jonathan shares his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges he encountered as he developed his product.

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Jonathan Katz - Entrepreneur

Jonathan Katz is a young entrepreneur and the inventor of the BLENDi – a cordless personal blender providing the convenience of your water bottle and your blender all in one.

Jonathan came up with the idea for the BLENDi when he decided he didn’t want to drink another clumpy protein shake at the gym. He launched BLENDi during his Freshman Year in college in 2016.

Jonathan lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

From Idea to Product with Entrepreneur Jonathan Katz – Topics and questions covered in this episode include:

  • Jonathan explains how he went from idea to product for the BLENDi.
  • After the idea for the BLENDi first came to you, what did you do first to validate the idea and the potential market?
  • Please share how you built the initial version of the product?
  • Did you have a prototype built first?
  • Who manufactured it, and how did you develop that relationship?
  • How did you fund the first phase of this small business?
  • How are you selling the product now? Retail? Wholesale?
  • How are you planning to defend against others who may copy your product idea and design?
  • Do you have partners in this small business?
  • What’s next for BLENDi? Are you seeking additional funding for your small business?
  • For someone listening who has an idea for a product, what advice would your share on what they should do first?
  • What would you have done differently?

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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