Your Know, Like and Trust Factor with Erica Castner

Developing your Know, Like and Trust Factor to help you increase your impact and influence, and grow your small business, with Erica Castner.

Erica Castner - Entrepreneur

Erica Castner is a business owner, brand strategist, podcast host, and community builder. She helps business owners & leaders elevate their impact and influence with their ideal clients and team.

For over two decades, Erica Castner has helped visionary leaders increase their influence and impact to be more productive and purposeful in their work. She is the founder of Castner Consulting & Coaching, where she provides branding and marketing strategies through programs like the “Expand Your Brand Bootcamp” and “Expand Your Sales Accelerator”.

Erica recently launched the “Love the Work You Do” Podcast and has been featured as a guest contributor to over 200 podcasts, articles, and conferences including USA Today, Thrive Global, ABC, CBS, The News-Press Media Group, and Huffington Post. She and her husband, Ed have been married since 2013 and are currently training for their first IRONMAN event.

 Erica was previous on the show back on episode 25 (Business Networking) released in July of 2016.

Erica lives in the Ft. Myers, Florida area.

Erica Castner and Henry Lopez cover these topics and questions on this episode of The How of Business podcast for small business owners:

  • Erica shares a brief summary of her journey to entrepreneurship. Her small business has grown and expanded significantly in the past few years.
  • Let’s start by introducing what you mean by the “know, like & trust” factor?
  • How can I be somebody who is worthy of ‘know, like, and trust factor’ without being salesy, pushy, and needy?
  • Eight Ways to Get in Front of Influencers and Decision Makers” – On this episode we focus on these specific points:
    1) Be of Service
    (…”reaching out privately to people that are either existing clients or existing centers of influence coach without selling anything to them”)
    (Does this also include, “Reaching out to people to collaborate with them where you can add value to their audience and then vice versa.”)4) Align with Strategic Partners8) Local, State & National Event & Conference – How can we do this effectively with online events?
    your number one way to bridge the gap between off-line and on-line networking.
  • What are some of the mistakes most business owners or service providers make when it comes to connecting with influencers and decision-makers?
  • Where do I start with improving my “Know, Like & Trust” Factor?
  • How can I support you at the moment?” – Erica recommends that this is the number one question to help you improve your Know, Like & Trust factor to help your personal and small business network.

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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