The 6 Essential Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs 

The 6 Essential Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs to help you determine if you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

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This is the first in a special series of episodes related to the Entrepreneurial Leap – focused on helping you determine if you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. This content is inspired by the book “Entrepreneurial Leap” by Gino Wickman, and Henry Lopez’, host of The How of Business podcast, experiences as an entrepreneur and business coach.

In this series of episodes, Henry Lopez shares his thoughts, tips and experiences related to entrepreneurship and content from Gino’s book, “Entrepreneurial Leap”. This first episode is focused on Confirming that you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, you must first understand that there’s a lot on the line when you take the leap and launch your first business, and you have to ask yourself difficult questions. With the most important and difficult being: Do I have what it takes?

This is a topic that Henry Lopez has given lots of thought to and to which he has dedicated many episodes of The How of Business podcast. Including episodes 292, 296 and 309 – focused on helping you determine if you are ready, willing and able to start your first small business.

It’s not always easy to determine if you are ready to become a business owner. What Henry Lopez has found, after many years of working with other aspiring entrepreneurs, is that you may dream of becoming your own boss but you will not be successful in business until you are ready. And beyond being ready, you have to be able. You must possess the innate traits required to be a successful entrepreneur.

In this episode Henry clarifies and defines “entrepreneur” in this context, and how that’s different from being a self-employed. And this episode we hopefully help you begin to confirm if you have the 6 Essential Traits to become a successful entrepreneur.

Here is the perhaps controversial truth: You are either born with these 6 Essential Traits or you are not. You can uncover them, but you can’t develop them. These are not skills, which can be learned. These are innate traits that we either have or we don’t have. So, what we are saying is, you are either born to be an entrepreneur or you are not. That does not mean, however, that you can’t operate a success small business or become self-employed.

And if you are not born with the 6 Essential Traits, then it’s best to know that now before you venture into entrepreneurship and become frustrated at best, and financially ruined at worst. Not to mention the unhappiness and frustration of investing years of effort on a pursuit that is simply not a fit for you. And perhaps all because you hate your current job!

Entrepreneurial Leap by Gino Wickman
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This series of episodes are inspired by reading Gino Wickman’s book “Entrepreneurial Leap”. Gino Wickman is the bestselling author of Traction and the creator of the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS). Henry Lopez had the pleasure of interviewing Gino on this podcast, on episode 339. On that episode Gino shared his journey and some of the principal ideas and inspiration for hit book. After that conversation with Gino, Henry was invited and accepted an opportunity to become an E-Leap Collaborator.

As an E-Leap Collaborator Henry Lopez is sharing Gino’s content about Entrepreneurship, along with Henry’s own experiences and knowledge, to help you decide if entrepreneurship is right for you—because success as an entrepreneur depends on far more than just a great idea and a some luck!

The 6 Essential Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs:

The 6 Essential Traits
Source: E-Leap, Gino Wickman
  1. Visionary
  2. Passionate
  3. Problem Solver
  4. Driven
  5. Risk Taker
  6. Responsible


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