Are You Ready to be Your Own Boss?

Ready to launch your first small business? Henry & David help you determine if you are prepared to start your first small business. They share their experiences transitioning from the corporate world to becoming small business owners. Are you ready to become your own boss? 

Show Notes:

  • Henry and David share their experiences with making the transition from the corporate world (working for someone else) to the small business world (working for themselves).
  • Their motivations included a desire for control and freedom. The freedom of time, location, relationship, money and purpose.
  • David, in particular, has been inspired by the teachings of Dan Sullivan and is a client of Strategic Coach.
  • The delusion and false sense of security that came with their corporate jobs was harder to see and appreciate at first, and certainly in hindsight they now understand that was part of what kept them working for someone else.
  • Some of the emotions we experienced when we were in the corporate world included being controlled and oppressed. There were aspects, however, of their jobs that they enjoyed and still miss to an extent.
  • They were both frustrated with the politics of the traditional work environment.
  • Henry expresses it as “you are either okay with creating for others, or you have to to create for yourself.”
  • There is a big need for products and services in the world. The world is full of opportunities outside of the corporate world.
  • Fear is what held them back, but now that they have made the leap into entrepreneurship they realize the limitless possibilities.
  • Risk can be used as an excuse. Although there is certainly the real risk of financial failure. But the real risk that holds people back is the risk of personal failure and the embarrassment that results from that.
  • Henry mentioned this quote from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in the book “Bold”: “Many people misperceive what good entrepreneurs do. Good entrepreneurs don’t like risk. They seek to reduce risk. Starting a company is already risky…so you systematically eliminate risk in those early days.”
  • Read the transcript of this episode here.


Starting Your Business - Are You Ready?
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