Government Contracts Episodes

The How of Business Podcast – Government Contracts Episodes

These episodes of The How of Business podcast are will help find and land Government Contracts for your small business. From tips and strategies on how to find the right government contract, to expert advice on how to apply for and win a government contract.

Episode 386: Kizzy Parks - Government Contracts
Federal Government Contracts with Kizzy Parks. How service-based business owners can find and land Federal Government Contracts with Kizzy Parks. Kizzy Parks is the founder of K. Parks Consulting (KPC), and she recently launched GovConWinners to help service-based small business owners learn how to win profitable government contracts. Kizzy, ...
Episode 289 - Eric Coffie - Government Contracts
 Government Contracts for Small Business with Eric Coffie. Eric Coffie introduces the opportunities with Federal Government Contracts for Small Business. He also shares his entrepreneur journey, and how he currently helps people find and land government contracts. Eric Coffie is an entrepreneur, and the founder of Govcon Giants ...
Episode 248: Jean Kristensen - Government Contracting
 Government Contracting & MWBE with Jean Kristensen. Landing Government Contracts and the benefits of MWBE certification for small businesses with Jean Kristensen. Jean is a small business and MWBE (Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise) growth specialist, executive coach, and trainer.  She shares her early experiences, including working in ...

Top 5 Considerations for Small Business Owners Seeking Government Contracts

Landing a government contract can be a significant opportunity for small businesses, but it requires careful preparation and understanding of the process. Kizzy Parks, an expert in government contracting, aptly explains: “Winning a government contract is not about luck. It’s about understanding the process and how to best position your business.”

Keeping this insightful perspective in mind, here are the top five considerations for small businesses seeking to secure government contracts:

  1. Understand the Requirements and Regulations: Government contracts come with strict requirements and regulations. It’s essential to understand these fully before bidding. This includes compliance with federal, state, or local laws, and specific regulations related to government procurement. Familiarize yourself with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which governs all federal procurement processes.
  2. Get Registered and Certified: To bid on government contracts, you first need to register your business with the System for Award Management (SAM) at . Additionally, consider getting certified as a small business or in a specific category (such as women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned, etc.), as this can give you access to contracts set aside for these groups.
  3. Research and Identify Opportunities: Use resources like for federal contracts or local government websites for state and local opportunities to find contracts that align with your small business’s capabilities. Understanding what the government is looking for and tailoring your proposal to meet those needs is crucial.
  4. Develop a Strong Proposal: Writing a compelling proposal is key to winning a government contract. Your proposal should clearly demonstrate how your small business can meet the government’s needs effectively and efficiently. Pay attention to detail, follow all instructions, and make a strong case for your business’s unique value proposition. Eric Coffie, the founder of Govcon Giants, helps people write winning proposals to land government contracts.
  5. Build Relationships and Network: Relationships and networking play a significant role in the government contracting arena. Attend industry events, government-sponsored meetups, and conferences to build relationships with government agency representatives and prime contractors. Often, smaller businesses begin as subcontractors to larger prime contractors before securing contracts on their own.

It’s important to remember that securing a government contract requires more than just meeting the technical requirements; it’s about strategically positioning your small business to stand out in a competitive field. Patience and persistence are key, as the process can be lengthy and competitive, but with the right approach, it can open up significant opportunities for growth and success.