Entrepreneurship & Marketing for Small Business with Erika Montgomery

Entrepreneurship & Marketing for Small Business with Erika Montgomery

Marketing for small business owners with Erika Taylor Montgomery, entrepreneur, author and founder of Three Girls Media. She shares stories from her career, and the events that led her to start her own business. She also shares tips & advice on public relations, social media, blogging, and on-line marketing for small business owners.

About Erika Montgomery:

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Erika Montgomery - Small Business MarketingErika is the CEO, Chief Publicist and Founder of Three Girls Media Inc.  

Erika enjoyed an 18-year broadcasting career in the San Francisco Bay Area before transitioning to Public Relations. In 2005, she launched Three Girls Media Inc., a public relations and social media marketing agency specializing in working with small and emerging companies.

She is also a speaker and the co-author of the Bestselling book, The Spirit of Silicon Valley – Journeys & Transformations Beyond Technology, and the author of the forthcoming book, PR for the 21st Century – A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Business, Non-Profits & Entrepreneurs.

You can also find great resources for small business owners at their blog: Three Girls, A Dog, & A Marketing Blog.

Show Notes:

  • Erika started her career in broadcasting after completing college.
  • She then transitioned into public relations, and her career as a Press Secretary for California State Legislature.
  • Her decision to transition to becoming her own boss was greatly influenced by “never wanting to be told again that I could not take time off for family events.”
  • Being asked one more time to miss an important school event for her son was the final straw that motivated her to leave her career and start her own business.
  • Erika explains how small business owners can benefit from public relations agencies. Her agency, Three Girls Media, specializes in helping small business owners with their public relations needs.
  • Erika explains why she believes all small businesses must have a social media presence, but they must be careful not to try to be on all platforms at once. It’s about understanding your target audience, and participating only on the platforms that reach those customer.
  • It’s important for small business owners to include blogging as part of their marketing efforts. An effective blog helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and establishing you and your business as a thought leader in your industry. Consistency, however, is extremely important.
  • Erika explains the importance of a website for all small businesses, and making sure that the website is converting effectively. Conversion – getting a visitor to take a desired action – should be the primary focus of your small business website.
  • One of the reasons she has been successful in business is: “I am willing to change.” Erika explains how she has made adjustments and changes based on different situations like the financial crisis in 2008.
  • Erika offers a complimentary 30-minute consultation to assess how she can help your small business.


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