Joe Apfelbaum on Digital Marketing for Small Business

Digital Marketing for small business with Joe Apfelbaum, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Ajax Union – a digital marketing agency. He shares his entrepreneurial journey, insights into starting & growing a business, social media and digital marketing for small business, and other tips & advice.

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Joe Apfelbaum - Digital MarketingJoe is the CEO and co-founder of Ajax Union, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn. He is a public speaker, certified Google Trainer, and published business author.

Joe is also the host of the popular podcast CEO Mojo podcast that features CEO Interviews, with the goal to motivate business leaders with the stories of other leaders – and the producer of

Joe lives in New York with his wife and children.

How to Stop Procrastinating:

Show Notes:

  • “My Why is to figure out a better way to do things.”
  • Joe shares advice on Social Media & Digital Marketing for small business. Should a small business focus on Facebook ads, Google ads or both?
  • He shares how he works in partnership with his brother.
  • Joe answers the questions: What are some of the keys to your business and life success? How did you overcome your fear of public speaking?
  • Add value to your ideal customer.
  • Get MOJO-vated!
  • The first step to achieving success is getting to know yourself better and understanding your why.


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