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Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs with Julie Broad.

Personal Branding with Julie Broad, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, trainer and author.  She shares her entrepreneurial journey, building a personal brand, and tips & advice for small business owners.

Julie is has an MBA, is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, trainer, and a Best Selling Author. Her most recent book is “The New Brand You – Your New Image Makes the Sales For You“, available on Amazon.

Julie is known for helping real estate investors and new entrepreneurs who aren’t naturally born to sell, build a brand to get results, make an impact and ultimately make more money.

She lives in Nanaimo (Vancouver Island), British Columbia, Canada.

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs with Julie Broad:

  • Julie explains why personal branding is important for small business owners.
  • Why do small business owners need to be effective at selling?
  • How to communicate a clear and effective message that aligns with the brand you are trying to create.
  • Your brand is about that connection.
  • You are who Google says you are.
  • Julie also explains the importance of “sales” for small business owners.
  • She also shares her thoughts on being an introvert and being successful in sales.
  • “The stronger your brand, the more people come to you.”

Books mentioned in this episode:
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