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Video Content Marketing for Your Small Business with Paul Hurley.

Video Content Marketing for your small business with Paul Hurley, a business owner, author and social media expert. He is the founder of HandFace, one of the UK’s leading viral content companies. Paul shares his journey to starting his own business, and video content marketing advice for small business owners, and we also discuss the creative process.

Paul Hurley - Video Content MarketingPaul has made viral videos that have been shared millions of times all over the world. A former Yahoo! and BSkyB executive, Paul launched HandFace in 2010 to help companies large and small cut through the clutter of the online world, by making videos that are watched, liked and shared organically.

Their services for small business include: Superb quality, high definition digital video for any situation. Studio production or on location – wherever you need us to be. Graphics, info-graphics and digital media design. Online video virals and seeding. Documentary? Comedy? Drama? – we specialise in all forms of storytelling to get your message across.

Paul is the author of ‘The Social Video Handbook‘, and the “The Situation Room -Viral Content Analysis” blog.

Video Content Marketing for Your Small Business with Paul Hurley:

  • Paul shares the interesting story of his early career and university experience.
  • How is video and live streaming changing the social media landscape, and how should small business owners respond/prepare/take advantage of this? How much should small business owners spend on video ad campaigns?
  • We also chat about Facebook video campaigns and why they can be effective for small business owners. We also discuss the overall value of Facebook ad campaigns with audience targeting.
  • Paul shares the story of founding and growing his current small business HandFace.
  • He also shares his thoughts on the creative process.
  • Paul explains the “Big 5 Aims of Creating Video Content“.
  • What is an “alpha audience“?


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