Email Marketing for Small Business with Neil Berman

Email Marketing for small business with Neil Berman, an entrepreneur, speaker, and blog author. Neil shares his entrepreneurial journey, and how to use e-mail marketing to grow your small business (starting at 19:40).

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Neil Berman - Email MarketingNeil is an entrepreneur, speaker, blog author and the founder of Delivra, an email marketing platform that has helped businesses execute effective marketing campaigns. Since the release of this episode, Neil has moved on to founding Bertzman Social Ventures.

When he started Delivra, Neil didn’t pursue the classic entrepreneurial start-up model of raising money, growing as fast as possible, and planning for an exit. Between his conservative mindset and desire for independence, he chose to not seek outside investors and instead grow via his own efforts at his own pace, initially starting Delivra out of his own home with $600.

Neil had a successful career in accounting and in 1999, Neil gave up being a CPA to launch Delivra as an email marketing business. It was a decision that had people scratching their heads. Of course, that was 1999. There wasn’t a whole lot of traffic on the internet. Today, 82.6 billion emails are sent and received — every single day. And Delivra is dedicated to helping its clients do it right.

He lives in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Email Marketing for Small Business – topics and questions covered in this episode include:

  • His family owned their own business (a show sales business) and that is where Neil learned how to run a small business.
  • Neil talks about his “midlife career crisis” and how that pushed him to become his own boss.
  • Neil discusses his internet business and how E-mail technology led him to success.
  • Why is cash flow so important to a small business owner?
  • Neil’s small business helps his clients get not only technology help, but also get a coach to help guide them to success.
  • Neil talks about his hiring process.
  • Why is email so effective in the business world?
  • “Send email to people who know you.”
  • What are the benefits of “personalized” emails sent to your clients?
  • Neil talks about the things that email marketers get wrong.
  • How can having a good strategy help you in your small email marketing business?
  • How frequently should you send emails to your clients?
  • Neil share the keys of his success in life and business.


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