Small Business Advertising with Entrepreneur Ben Bilbrough

Small Business Advertising with Entrepreneur Ben Bilbrough

Advertising tips for small business owners with Ben Bilbrough, a serial entrepreneur and expert on local media advertisement. He shares his interesting journey and background, and marketing & advertisement tips & advice for small business owners.

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Ben Bilgrough - Small Business AdvertisingBen is a serial entrepreneur and a 20+ year local media veteran. In 1999, he created and implemented the innovative local advertising model at TheKnot, which continues to generate much of that business’s revenue to this day. Ben is passionate about creating marketing solutions that help local businesses be more successful.

He is the founder and CEO of Averator – they make local marketing easy for small business owners.

Show Notes:

  • “Try something a little different, and measure it.”
  • Ben explains how maturity and self-growth plays a huge role in the success of your small business.
  • How does advertising help or hurt the message that small businesses are trying to show their customers?
  • Henry and Ben explain how you can create brand awareness in consumers.
  • “The question you have to think about is if what advertising you are doing is relevant to your business.”
  • Ben confesses how the corporate environment did not line up with his values.
  • “I’m far more focused on doing real work that will make an impact than impressing a boss.”
  • Ben and Henry converse about the struggle of creating your own advertising effects growing your small business.
  • Ben explains how having a strong advertising plan can be extremely beneficial for starting your own business.
  • “At the end of the day, you need to look at your business from the standpoint if it makes you proud.”


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