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Bullseye Marketing for Small Business with Louis Gudema

Bullseye Marketing strategies for small business with Louis Gudema, an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and author. He shares his entrepreneurial journey, and then we discuss highlights from his new book, “Bullseye Marketing – How to Grow Your Business Faster.” Louis introduces the bullseye approach to marketing – allowing for fast results for small business owners by specifically leveraging inexpensive marketing tools and techniques. He explains the three phases, or rings of the bullseye, that are essential to effective small business marketing.

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Louis Gudema - Small Business Marketing ExpertLouis is the Bullseye Marketing Guy, a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

He created the Internet marketing agency Magic Hour Communications, oversaw the development of its MagicWand Web CMS, and built Magic Hour into one of the top companies in its national Web SaaS market, before selling it in 2009.

Louis has worked with start-ups, to Fortune 100 companies to help them prioritize their best short-, mid- and long-term revenue opportunities and implement low-risk/high-return marketing programs to achieve them. He also mentors startups at MIT, speaks frequently at regional and national groups, and blogs on marketing and business strategy on his own blog, and for many other leading business blogs.

Today Louis helps companies develop and implement strategic marketing programs that drive business results. He is the author of the recently released book, “Bullseye Marketing – How to Grow Your Business Faster.”

Louis lives in the West Newton, Massachusetts area.


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