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These episodes of The How of Business podcast are on the topic of Business Partnerships. From deciding if a business partnership is right for you, to forming a legal business partnership and avoiding potential conflicts later, these episodes are all about successful business partnering.

Before you enter into a business partnership, it’s critical that you discuss and agree to the details of the partnership, all of the potential situations and issues that may arise later, and then execute a legal Partnership or Operating Agreement for your small business.

Here is a FREE download to help you address many of the common terms of a partnership agreement: Memo of Understanding for Business Partnership

Use this Memo of Understanding for Business Partnership to guide your conversation and agree to the principal terms, and then hire an attorney to draft and sign a legal agreement.

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Listen to these episodes to learn more about small business partnerships:

The How of Business
Prepare for Successful Small Business Partnership.  How to prepare for a successful small business partnership including the Business Partnership Checklist. Henry Lopez, serial entrepreneur and host of The How of Business podcast, shares his experiences and tips for a successful partnership. This episode is about preparing for a successful ...
The How of Business
 Small Business Partnerships with Henry Lopez & David Begin. What makes for a great partnership in small business? Henry and David share their thoughts and opinions on how and why they have chosen to partner on their various small business ventures. Trust and respect are at the core ...
Episode 431: David Siegel - Avoiding Partnership Disputes
Avoiding Business Partnership Disputes. Avoiding the Partnership or Founder Disputes that can ruin your small business with attorney David Siegel. David Siegel is an attorney and partner at Grellas Shah, LLC. Grellas Shah is a full-service boutique law firm, with a focus on startups, technology, and venture law, as ...
Episode 427: Christy Foley - Conflict Resolution
 Conflict Resolution with Christy Foley. Conflict Resolution strategies and tactics for small business owners with attorney Christy Foley. As a business owner we often must deal with conflicts of different types, intensity, and significance. On this episodes, Christy Foley shares some valuable insights on how we may be ...
Episode 462: Pat Flynn & Matt Gartland - Entrepreneurship & Partnerships
 Entrepreneurship & Partnerships with Pat Flynn & Matt Gartland. Entrepreneurship & Partnerships with Pat Flynn & Matt Gartland – their entrepreneurship journey and how and why they work as business partners (starting at 23:30). Pat and Matt share their entrepreneurial experiences and how they built and grew their ...
The How of Business
 Collaborative Creativity and Leading High-Performing Teams. Collaborative Creativity and leading High-Performing Teams to launch and grow a small business. On this episode Henry Lopez and David Begin discuss the topic of Collaborative Creativity and leading high-performing teams – from a business partnership, business owner, and corporate management perspectives ...

Understanding the “3 Pillars of Successful Business Partnerships”

In the article “3 Pillars of Successful Business Partnerships,” Henry Lopez delves into the core elements that constitute the foundation of any thriving business partnership. Drawing from his extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur and small business coach, Henry outlines the indispensable pillars of Trust, Respect, and Alignment, which are crucial for the longevity and success of small business collaborations.

Here the key highlights of this article about business partnerships:

Trust: The Bedrock of Business Partnerships

Trust is one of the three cornerstone of any partnership. Henry Lopez references David Maister’s book “The Trusted Advisor,” emphasizing the importance of building trust through credibility, reliability, and intimacy, while minimizing self-orientation. He shares personal experiences, including his partnership with David Begin, to illustrate how trust is the underpinning of successful business relationships.

Respect: The Mutual Recognition

Respect in a partnership is about valuing each partner’s contributions and perspectives. Henry stresses the importance of mutual respect, where each member’s skills and abilities are acknowledged and appreciated. This mutual recognition fosters a positive and productive business environment, essential for the partnership’s success and growth.

Alignment: The Harmony of Goals

Alignment involves the synchronization of partners’ goals, visions, and values. Henry warns against partnerships formed solely on financial grounds or without considering personality and vision alignment, as they often lead to negative outcomes.

Legal Framework: The Safety Net

The article also underscores the importance of legal agreements in partnerships. Documents like Operating Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements are vital in defining the business terms and preventing future misunderstandings.

For a comprehensive understanding and deeper insights into building and sustaining successful business partnerships, the full article “3 Pillars of Successful Business Partnerships” is available for free download. This resource is not just a guide but a toolkit for anyone looking to forge enduring and fruitful business relationships.