Small Business Partnerships with Henry Lopez & David Begin

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Small Business Partnerships with Henry Lopez & David Begin

What makes for a great partnership in small business? Henry and David share their thoughts and opinions on how and why they have chosen to partner on their various small business ventures. Trust and respect are at the core of a successful small business partnership, and an upfront understanding of the differences between a partner and an investor are also critical. Are you best suited to work in a partnership, or by yourself? Henry Lopez and David Begin help you answer this important question as they discuss partnerships in this episode.

Henry Lopez and David Begin met each other while working for the same technology company in 1991. They are remained friends since then, and have partner on various small business ventures including iTopIt (a self-serve frozen deserts restaurant), Wild Blue Car Wash (an exterior express car wash business), and Levante Business Group (offering small business coaching and producers of The How of Business and The How of Carwashing podcasts).


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