Food Truck Business with Leo De La Fuente

Food Truck Business with Leo De La Fuente, an entrepreneur with extensive experience with brand marketing particularly in the consumer beverage industry. He has owned a successful Food Truck business and is currently developing a new beverage business. If you are considering a food truck business, Leo shares a wealth of knowledge and experiences in this episode.

Leo is an entrepreneur, having co-founded two difference businesses, including a food truck concept. His corporate career includes extensive experience in sales & marketing, including large brands such as Monster Energy and Tequila Herradura. His current business venture is Wildcatter Beverages.

Leo is originally from South Florida, but now lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Henry Lopez is the host of The How of Business podcast. On this episode, Henry and Leo discuss the food truck business. Food trucks are a great way to possibly get started in the restaurant business and develop and prove your menu and brand.

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