Social Media Basics for Small Business with Adam Kirk

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Social Media Basics for Small Business with Adam Kirk.

In this episode Henry Lopez and Adam Kirk discuss Social Media marketing basics for small business. Their conversation includes an introduction to social media marketing. Social Media is here to stay, and it’s about building effective relationships, getting feedback, and building your brand. Henry and Adam review the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Social Media can be an overwhelming and confusing topic for many small business owners. What platforms should you be on? How much money should you spend on ads? Who is going to create all of the content? The result for many small business owners is either paralysis (doing nothing on social media) or over taxing their resources (time and money) trying to be everywhere online!

Adam Kirk and Henry Lopez, Host of The How of Business Podcast, recommend a more measured approach to social media marketing for your small business. It starts with having a clear understanding of your target client or customer. Then it requires researching where your ideal customer is online. Are they more likely to be on Facebook or Instagram, for example.

We recommend picking the one or two social media platforms where your target customers are, and starting with those platforms exclusively. Not only does this allow you to focus your efforts and budget, but it also allows you to post consistently on those select platforms. And so this is the next critical objective – post consistently and regularly. Remember that social media marketing for small business is a long-term proposal. Don’t expect too much in the way of immediate results. You have to stick to it for a long period of time to start reaping the benefits.

To help you manage your social media marketing, we recommend create a calendar or schedule of regular postings and content creation. You will also want to align your social media content with your other marketing campaigns. The concurrency across all of your marketing messages and platforms will help to enforce and amplify your marketing efforts.

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